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Dogs that are fed raw diet pass smaller and harder poop unlike those who are fed dry kibble. Feeding good quality, raw food such as Raw Cut provides your dog with easily digestible food that produces normal firm poop (much easier to pick!) and provides less risk of digestive problems such as diarrhea.


On raw diet, poop should have very little odor, unlike commercial pet food where inappropriate ingredients cause highly odorous feces.


Stool color consistencies may vary day-to-day depending on the ingredients and the type of protein fed. Dark color stool is very normal for raw fed dogs.


If your dog is newly switching to raw diet, you may notice mucus on the poop, don’t worry, your dog is cleaning himself or (detoxing). It also worth mentioning that if your dog is on medication, or recently vaccinated, then possibly mucus can be seen on the poop.


What might appear to you as constipation may be very normal for your raw fed dog. if you are sure that your dog has constipation then you can try adding 1 teaspoon of olive oil or apple cider vinegar. Also giving your dog canine probiotics supplements is a very good idea. These are only suggestions and you should always seek professional vet advise if constipation is persistent.


There are many factors that can cause diarrhea in dogs such as introducing new food, change in diet, stress, worms or even environment changes. Dogs who are newly introduced to raw diet may experience episodes of diarrhea at the beginning, typically, that should not be for more than few days and your dog thenafter should pass consistently firm normal poop. If the diarrhea cause is switching to a new food, then we suggest fasting your dog for half day, then try feeding your dog single protein formula, or even cooked chicken until you have the diarrhea under control (ensure you give extra water) and then introduce the new food gradually as we recommend Here.   

If your dog diarrhea persists, you should always seek professional vet advise

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