Chicken Bone Broth For Pets

Gelatinous, Nutrient-Dense Superfood For Dogs & Cats

Made from Cage-Free and Farm-Raised chicken bones that are slowly cooked down in filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, and nothing else!.

This artisanal, all natural Raw Cut Bone Broth recipe has no by-product meal, preservatives or GMO. We don’t add any extra palatability ingredients to our broth because the flavor from the bones speaks for itself, and makes it ideal for Cats, Dogs and Pets with certain dietary requirements.

Great to hydrate freeze dried foods or as a meal topper. Some key benefits

  • Digestion – Collagen contains an amino acid that helps strengthen the protective lining in your pet’s digestive tract, which improves nutrient absorption and reduces the risk of a leaky gut.
  • Joint Health – Collagen helps maintain cartilage integrity, which protects joints. For pets with joint injuries or arthritis, it helps alleviate some of the negative symptoms.
  • Skin & Coat – Collagen consumption can increase skin elasticity and help the body’s skin repair, therefore encouraging your body to form new collagen.
  • Liver Detoxification – As cleaning chemicals reside on floors and carpets, all of those toxins will reside in the liver. Collagen contains glycine, which helps neutralize the toxins in the liver and have it safely flushed out of the body.
  • Immune System – Collagen contains an essential amino acid that works as an immune system booster, and thanks to its antiviral properties it helps build antibodies.
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Product Size: 500ml (16.9 oz)

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