Cat Feeding Guidelines

Raw Cut Freeze-Dried Feeding

In general, each 50g pouch of Raw Cut food is enough to feed a 3 to 5 KG cat for two days, The below guidelines are only indicative. . Please consider other factors such as age, level of activity, health, metabolism etc. as all these contribute to the necessary feeding quantities of your pet. Monitor your cat dietary needs and adjust accordingly.

To rehydrate the meal, we recommend adding 1/4 cup (more or less) of filtered water, can be warm or cold. Make sure to fulfil your cat’s daily hydration levels (approx. 50 ml of water per kg of body weight).

Alternatively, you may add a Nutritional Liquid Topper such as Raw Cut Bone Broth (warm or cold) by following the daily feeding quantity given on the product page.

Incase you would like to mix our freeze-dried food with your cat current food, or use it as Nutritional Meal Topper then we recommend (½ Raw Cut serving amount + ½ current food serving amount).


Try and maintain as much consistency as possible in your Cat's environment and routine, and when making changes to their diet, Do It Gradually so your Cat has time to adapt without feeling threatened or put off.

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