Our Ingredients

Raw Cut mission is to provide nourishment that is close to nature, natural and fresh food striking the right balance between muscle meat and organs, between unlocked grains and meat juice, Fresh and natural, our food contains:

  • No thickeners, No taste enhancers, No coloring agents
  • We only use meat and offal from animals that are approved for human consumption
  • We only use fresh, ground bones. From that, your dog will get what he needs to maintain the phosphorus/calcium balance. He will either convert the rest into energy or it will be eliminated during excretion.
  • Carbohydrates are provided from unlocked grains, seeds and/or organic vegetables.
  • Complete food
  • Handy packaging
  • One food for all your dogs
  • Meat from animals approved for human consumption
  • No preservatives or colouring agents

Natural fresh food is pleasurable for the dog who likes the smell and flavor of what it eats. Above all, you reduce drastically many disorders such as:

  • Gastric disorders
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Food allergies
  • Skin problems
  • Behavioral problems


Ingredients processed unheated to preserve the vitamins and enzymes avoiding saturating the fats, Then, the freezing process favored by Raw Cut makes it possible to avoid:

  • Astronomical quantities of vitamins to prevent fats from becoming rancid,
  • Taste enhancers,
  • Coloring agents,
  • Synthetic thickeners.


Fats and proteins come from fresh chicken, beef and lamb meat. Raw Cut therefore needs a little protein to obtain a perfect balance in amino acids.

Puppy or adult dog: the ideal balance is in amino acids
Ten amino acids are essential for the adult dog. A young dog needs more Arginine and Histidine, or 12 amino acids during its growing phase. In nature and in natural dog food, this is not a problem, because fresh meat contains all the amino acids in the right proportion. At least, if there is a good balance between muscle meat and organs, as in Raw Cut.

The amino acids will also be kept intact in non-heated processed foods, as is the case with Raw Cut unlike dry food for dogs. Fats from poultry provide more unsaturated essential fatty acids.


Raw Cut provides always the same quality and same proportions of carbohydrates and raw fibers for each product.  As a result, digestive problems are virtually excluded.

The natural meat juices in Raw Cut offer two major advantages, namely they:

  • provide the most digestible iron,
  • make the intake of huge quantities of water superfluous. because drinking too much dilutes the gastric acid, and this does not benefit digestion.
 Sources: Natural meat juices, Drinking water can't replace all of the functions of meat juices.
 Function: Maintaining the correct fluid and body temprature. The exception of waste products. Contains the most efficiently absorbed form of iron. Top water may contain more iron, but it isn't absorbable.
 Source Beef muscle meat, beef heart, beef liver, beef lung, beef kidneys, omasum tripe, reed tripe, flat tripe and chicken.
 Function: Provides the body's building materials, enzymes, cells and harmones.
 Sources Beef Fat, chicken Fat, sunflower oil, wheat germ iol and cod-liver iol.
 Function: Source of energy. Provides building materials.
 Source The indigestible by-product from sweetcorn, wheet and bran.
 Function: Adusts the rate at which food passes through the intestines.
 Source Wheat, bran, maize.
 Function: Nutrition and fibre.