100% Fresh Prey Model Raw

100% Fresh
Prey Model Raw

Enjoy the piece of mind and let us handle your pet needs

Complete & Balanced Raw Pet Food

Raw Food
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Enjoy the piece of mind and let us handle your pet needs

Welcome to Raw Cut

Whether your pet is called Zak, Lenny or Rover, he/she’s sure to be your most faithful friend, you want your pet to be in peak condition, so you care about what he/she eats. We’d love to help! because a balanced diet forms the basis for a healthier pet.

Rawsome Meal Plans

Every Raw Cut meal plan is personalised based on each individual pet. Simply fill out our Pet Profile form and one of our pet food advisors will guide you through the process.

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Tail Wagging Reviews

My dog loves the Raw Cut food! It comes in burgers of 100g so can be divided into exactly the portion your dog needs. This was my main selling point over other providers in the market. There are a few different flavours, so it is possible to mix and make it interesting for the dog.
Dana HW
My Cat Loves it...
Thank you at line, my cat is super fussy and she loved the food right away… i never saw her eating with such an appetite before! I love that it s portioned, makes it so easy to serve and i finally can be relaxed that she s eating a healthy food.
Simona Popa
Loving everything about Raw Cut – The service is fast, reliable, and the experience is very personalized to our needs. Thank you Raw cut for everything and we will continue using you guys. Our fur baby loves every bit of his meals, and we are very happy with this as he is a fuzzy eater. 😀
Ana Maria VM
Devoured the food from the first taste...
My little tiger cat devoured it from the first taste, for both the Wild Ostrich and Chicken flavours. Well done Raw Cut...thank u for bringing the hunting feel back into my feline 🐱🐯🐱 the food is very easy to serve, can be served dry or soaked with water or bone broth. Love it.
Carmen Biris
Quality Raw Food...
Thank you Raw Cut for solving my problem of a BIG dog (Cesar) with very sensitive stomach. Finally, quality raw food meals that are reasonably priced have landed in the UAE.... and a team of people who are keen to guide and support their customers! Cesar always excited for his mealtime.
Sara Coppo Kirk
Wonderful healthy raw food for pets...
Wonderful healthy raw food for pets. I’ve switched both my cat and dog to Raw Cut, and have noticed an improvement in their energy levels and overall well-being. The customer care team at Raw Cut are what all customer service should aspire to be, they are very accessible and accommodating and will literally walk you through the process of switching your pets.
Randa Shammas
Only the BEST...
Choosing Raw Cut for me, a year ago, was the best decisions my humans ever made. I was never excited for mealtimes before, more so because I am a dog food connoisseur with a sensitive stomach. Other than settling my tummy issues, I see that my energy levels also spiked and I am less anxious 😊
Brad Ramprasad
Switching to Raw was easy...
My 5 year old shihtzu has serious skin problems thats one of the reasons why we have recently switched to raw diet. Hoping for changes in the coming weeks. Both my dogs are fussy eaters and it was never hard for us to switch to raw as they love it so much , they literally beg for more.
Marco Willem Zurin
Solved Buster Allergies...
So far so good, never seen my four-month-old American bully Buster finish and lick a bowl so quick orso clean! Needed to switch Buster to a raw diet due to allergies so hopeful this will clean up his fur and skin if not he sure does love the taste! Well done Raw Cut, happy customer.
Tommy Hopkins
Vacuuming the bowl clean...
Sandy struggled for long time to eat other raw food brands, but with Raw cut she literally vacuumed her bowl clean! Very convenient, easy to portion, fast delivery and great range of flavours. highly recommended if you want to feed your dog raw but don’t have the time to get creative in the kitchen.  
Dacey Calisura

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Get in touch and one of our pet food advisors will help you put together the perfect meal plan according to your pet needs and health condition.


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