Freezer Space

Although Raw Cut can ensures continuity of supply of your dog favorite food with next day delivery option, it makes so much sense that our clients own enough freezer storage at home, this way you take advantage of our monthly subscription plan which saves you on the food cost and saves you on the delivery charges as well.

To save space in your freezer, try rearranging what’s in it, weather you own small or large freezer, follow these tips!

Get Rid Of Boxes

Remove items from the cardboard box, this will enable you to fit more in your freezer.

Go Flat

Plastic square containers are bulky, instead use sealed freezer bags.


Portion the items before freezing. If you buy something on sale that you won’t use it all at once, divide it and store it flat, use freezer bags for that.

Remove Shelves

Removing the shelves and drawers inside the freezer opens up the space to be able to make it your own.