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About Raw Cut

Raw Cut Food is produced in Belgium, freshly made and packed for Raw Cut UAE, the food is then shipped in a strict temperature controlled shipping process of -18C to our deep freezers in Dubai. Raw Cut Food is produced in compliance with (EU) European standards for health, safety, quality control and production process.

Since 1970, The production facility in Belgium have been making natural dog food where the factory was born out of passion for dog sports. And where sport is concerned, you expect peak condition and balanced, good quality food. We produce the food while keeping your dog’s nature in mind. Fresh food made with top quality ingredients. In Raw Cut, we are bringing to UAE nearly half century of experience in making natural food for Dogs.

We get meat and offal such as the heart, liver and kidneys from animals that are slaughtered for human consumption. After slaughter, the meat is immediately frozen to -18 °C, which retains all the vitamins and minerals. This temperature is required to prevent bacteriological problems. On arrival in our production facility, we check the deep-frozen pieces of meat and offal for quality and temperature and store them in our large deep-freezers.

Our work methods ensure the ingredients remain frozen throughout the entire preparation. We begin preparation by checking everything with a metal detector. The frozen meat is then ground in the meat-grinder. Afterwards we mix the meat, organic vegetables together according to our own recipe. The only things we add are vitamins and minerals.

Once the ingredients have been mixed together, the food is then put into containers, which go back into the deep-freezer immediately. The temperature goes back down to -18 °C within 10 minutes. Our natural dog food is now almost ready. The products are packaged, individually first and then in boxes. Then they go back through the metal detector. If no problem is detected, analyses are then carried out. If it gets the OK at that point, we officially approve the food for sale. In collaboration with the Federal Food Agency, we take every care to ensure the high quality of our natural raw food.

No, To know the ideal food for dogs, we do not need to do tests, we only have to look at nature. Dogs that live like wolves, eat the same as wolves. We’ve always based the composition of our natural foods well-established facts and will always do so.

Yes, all our meat is tested by approved European labs for Salmonella and E-Coli before its released to the market, we only use meat from animals approved for human consumption.
All our food is approved by the Federal Agency for the Safety of Food Chain (Belgium) and Dubai Municipality.

True, but the quality and nutritional value are always the same. The appearance, however, may change depending on various factors such as the sharpness of the knives used when cutting and mixing the food, stress affects the color of the animal’s meat (i.e. transport to slaughterhouse), other factors include:

  • If the animal to be slaughtered is tired the meat may be darker.
  • The age of the slaughtered animal or the breed.
  • The accommodation before the slaughtering (pasture or stable).
In any case, the dog does not mind the color; they do mind the taste and smell though.

Ordering and Payment

We accept all major credit cards. You can also opt for cash on delivery (COD) for minimal fees of AED 10 imposed and paid for our delivery service provider.

The minimum allowed order value is AED 100.

We only provide samples of our food during pet festivals or shows, pass by our booth and make sure your dog gets his!
A dog or cat sometimes needs up to 2 weeks to fully adapt to our food, only by then you will start seeing the changes in your pet. Nevertheless, you can always take the advantage of our discounted Dog or Cat starter hamper offer.

Yes, We offer discount for our subscribers.. Enjoy peace of mind and let us handle your pet needs, Our subscription model is simple, focused on providing you with convenience, just like our food. You don’t have to commit on a long term contract with hefty advanced payment to grant best prices. Join our community and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of cancelling anytime, add new flavors, or simply remove/replace some. You can also increase or decrease your hamper size, all on a monthly subscription model tailored for you and your pet.

Our products can be returned or exchanged, please notify us within 14 days from the date of purchase by emailing info@raw-cut.com. Shipping and/or delivery fees are non-refundable. We will either refund you the amount through the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase or issue for you credit voucher valid for 6 months.

Please submit the receipt, use the original packaging (should be undamaged). Items should be returned to us in good condition.

For health and safety reasons, food and perishable products are not returnable except in cases where Raw Cut shipped the incorrect item.


Yes, we deliver across all UAE and provide different time slots for delivery that you can select from.

During the check out process after completing your order online, you will be requested to select time slot that best suits you. we will ensure your package is delivered on time.

We provide next day delivery for most of the UAE emirates for orders placed before 4pm from Monday to Saturday.
We don’t offer delivery on Sunday yet (We are working on that).

Our food is delivered in a temperature-controlled vans, we deliver across all the emirates.

  • Dubai. AED 20.
  • Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman AED 30.
  • Rest of Emirates. AED 50.

First thing you need to do is notify us, we will try to support you on urgent basis.
Meanwhile, you can feed your pet normal good quality minced meat with some steamed vegetables, don't worry, our food will be at your door step very soon. Otherwise you can drop by any of our Stockists and pick up your pet favorite flavors.

Store & Serve - Frozen

Store in the freezer, defrost in room temperature. Our food lasts typically for 18 months in the freezer. Defrosting in room temperature or in cold water is best, We don’t recommend using microwave for defrosting. If opted to defrost in water, place the desired portion of Raw Cut burgers in a sealed food grade plastic bag (i.e sandwich zipper bag) and leave it until fully defrosted.

Defrosting in room temperature or in cold water is best, We don’t recommend using microwave for defrosting. If opted to defrost in water, place the desired portion of Raw Cut burgers in a sealed food grade plastic bag (i.e sandwich zipper bag) and leave it until fully defrosted.

Think about it like human food, if the food stays out for long time or overnight, it should be thrown away Leaving the food out in room temperature for up to two hours is not a problem, we would rather you feed your dog his meal fresh though.

Just like human food, once fully defrosted it cannot be refrozen again, you can keep it though in the fridge for up to 48 hours.
Raw Cut food comes in small 100G burgers, so we advise that you only defrost the quantity your dog needs, so there will be no waste of food, and to avoid storing any excess food in the fridge, this way you ensure that the food is always fresh, and your fridge always smell clean.

Our pack size in (cm) is 19 L x 13 W x 6 H In a typical freezer drawer, you can fit roughly 8 packs of our food.

Stick to the basics, CLEAN & SEPARATE, just like when you cook when your own food.

  • Our food contains raw meat, wash hand and utensils thoroughly after use.
  • Keep raw meats separate from others such as ingredients that you won’t be cooking (i.e salads).
  • Wash your hands before and after handling raw meat. Wash the bowl after the meal.

Store & Serve - Freeze-Dried

Store in a cool dry place. Use within 30 days once opened.

In general, each 50g pouch of our food is enough to feed a 3 to 5 KG cat for two days, the below feeding table is indicative. Please consider other factors such as age, level of activity, health, metabolism etc. as all these contribute to the necessary feeding quantities of your pet. Monitor your cat dietary needs and adjust accordingly.

Cat Size Daily No of Cubes
Up to 2.5 Kg 20 to 25
3-5 Kg 40 to 50
6-8 Kg 60 to 70
10+ Kg 85+

  • To rehydrate the meal, we recommend adding 1/4 cup (more or less) of filtered water, can be warm or cold. Make sure to fulfil your cat’s daily hydration levels (approx. 50 ml of water per kg of body weight). Alternatively, you may add a Nutritional Liquid Topper such as Raw Cut Bone Broth (warm or cold) by following the daily feeding quantity given on the product page.

  • In case you would like to mix our freeze-dried food with your cat current food, or use it as Nutritional Meal Topper then we recommend (½ Raw Cut serving amount + ½ current food serving amount).

Dog Nutrition

It all starts with nutrition. Out of all the decisions you make on behalf of your dog, his diet is the most important. Feeding him a raw diet, unprocessed, made from fresh human grade ingredients and biologically appropriate will have an immediate and significant effect on the length and quality of his life. That being true, it is helpful to understand some fundamentals of raw health benefits here

The wolf is the dog’s ancestor, to survive it had to hunt, as did a man to survive. Dog may have become differentiated from the wolf over time, but its digestive system and dentition have remained unchanged. These facts lead to several essential deductions about the dog nutrition.

Almost all dogs who subsist on dry food have imbalanced gut flora. The older the dog and the greater amount of dry food, the greater the imbalance, to allow these dogs to get used to natural raw food, it’s best to introduce it gradually.

As for puppies, natural raw food is as important like in adult dogs, but you must get the puppy accustomed to it. If the nursing bitch is already on Raw Cut food, then the process is much easier, in that case It is advisable to start with small amounts of fresh meat, so that there is a gradual switch from the bitch milk.

If your dog is already on dry food and you want to switch him to Raw Cut complete, then we recommend that you first start with a fasting day then gradually build up the amount of Raw Cut complete as explained here.

Some dogs are difficult to please and will take some time to adjust to new raw diet. Don’t worry, your dog is not the only one. We have come across many picky ones and successfully helped their owners make the switch.

Even for those dogs who have successfully transitioned to Raw, sometimes they stop eating after few months, we noticed that specially in dogs who have been fed kibble their entire life!

We compiled a list of TIPS that we hope it will help your dog make the switch and boost the appetite.

It’s not a good idea to mix raw food and dry kibble in the same meal because dry kibble takes longer to digest and can cause digestive distress when mixed with raw. To mitigate, feed your dog dry kibble in the morning and then a Raw Cut complete in the evening. Every fresh natural raw day is a day won!

Dogs that are fed fresh complete raw diet will pass small, firm and less stool. particularly compact in size and odorless as there are no fillers in Raw Cut food.

Looseness, darker color stool is expected during the first week, specially the color which can take bit longer to adjust, don't worry, your dogs' body is detoxifying and absorbing all the food nutrients.

If fresh bone, then yes. Meatier bone is even a better choice as they will assists in lubrication. chewing on a fresh bone is proven to release dopamine in the dog – Happy dog!
It is important that the bones are not cooked or heat dried. There is high chance that they could splinter into small pieces that can cause choking and serious damage to the dog's mouth, throat, or intestines.

Switching to a fresh raw diet that contains no additives, no preservatives or coloring agents will surely help.. Raw cut food has none of the ingredients that are known to influence poor behavior, unlike dry kibble, fresh natural food is fully packed with water soluble vitamins.

This is normal. Dogs' in nature do not need to drink lots of water, their food (prey) consists in winter and summer of 70% moisture and in the last couple of hundred years of domestication, evolution hasn’t changed this at all. So, dogs that eat dry food should not only drink because of thirst, but also to replenish the moisture missing in dry food. They must turn their tongue into a kind of little spoon to ladle and throw in all that extra moisture. The result is that everything that is close to the water bowl is splashed with water.

Eating fresh raw diet promotes many health benefits, You should feel the ribs of your dog, but not see them. This way your dog is at its ideal weight. As a dietary guideline consider the age, activity level and body weight of your dog. Calculate how much your dog should eat according to the feeding guidelines below and observe him! Obesity overburdens growing bones and tissues. If your puppy seems too skinny, give him then a little more. It is better that your puppy looks a bit slimmer. He grows out to adulthood once his skeleton is strong enough to carry the extra weight.

As a general rule, you can give adult dog 2% to 3% of his ideal body weight per day, that’s for medium and large dogs, divided into two meals. Small dogs may receive 3% to 5% of their ideal body weight per day, divi­ded over two meals.

A puppy’s first few months are all about rapid growth, so making sure they have enough food is critical, you may give up to 10% of the current body weight, divide the portion over 4 to 5 meals per day.

Puppies will grow quickly between 4 and 8 months but can also become fat if overfed. Fat puppies, especially large breeds, have a predisposition toward orthopedic (or bone) problems, so although a fat puppy might be considered cute, it’s a health risk. We recommend feeding your Pup 6% of his ideal body weight at this stage divided over 3 meals per day.

Your pup has reached the point where twice daily feeding should generally suffice. From 8 months the nutritional need of your dog will decrease. We recommend feeding your Pup 4% of his ideal body weight at this stage divi­ded over 2 or 3 meals per day. Gradually reduce the portions to obtain an adult portion within 4 months.

Cat Nutrition

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they need to eat meat to survive. Some benefits of feeding a species appropriate diet:

  • Improved Digestive Health.
  • Stool Odour and Volume Significantly Reduced.
  • Healthy Coat, Less Shedding, Fewer Hairballs.
  • Better Dental Health.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Weight Loss, If Overweight.
  • Better Urinary Health.

Raw Cut freeze-dried cat food is 100% raw food product, complete and balanced which we have made in an innovative freeze-dried format. We know how finicky and picky house cats can be and the challenges involved when switching a cat’s diet, especially older cats! Most companion Cats are used to dry food textures (kibble) so, we intend to resolve this by helping Pet Parents transition to Raw more easily by introducing it in a FREEZE-DRIED STATE reaping all the benefits of feeding fresh, raw meals to Cats but at the convenience of kibble!

Freeze-dried pet food is easier to store than frozen raw food for some pet parents, more space for ice-creams! ;) It retains nearly 100% of the natural nutrients in foods, almost as good as eating it raw! One of the main difference being, freeze-dried raw food doesn’t contain the intercellular moisture of frozen raw food. Moisture is removed from raw foods (in the freeze-drying process) to create freeze-dried food that is shelf-stable. It eliminates harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients, offering nutrition similar to a raw diet. We recommend you rehydrate the Freeze-dried food with water or Raw Cut Bone Broth when feeding your cat. If your Cat prefers a dry meal texture, ensure to serve the liquids on the side so, they can fulfil their daily dose of hydration.

Freeze-drying retains nearly 100% of the natural nutrients in foods, almost as good as eating it raw! The kibble-based pet food diets have artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Kibble has a small possibility of bacterial contamination due to the fat layer sprayed on the kibble to add flavour after the extrusion cooking process. A freeze-dried diet has an extremely small-to-no likelihood of bacterial contamination due to the cooking process. The process of freezing then removing moisture from the food. Kibble-based diets go through hours of extrusion process at very high temperatures in order to create a shelf-stable food product which removes any nutrients from the by-products, fillers, and synthetic or artificial ingredients generally used.

We'd start by looking at your cat's ribcage to see if he or she is at a healthy weight. You should be able to easily place your hands over their ribcage and feel their ribs with minimal fat covering when they are at their ideal weight. A cat that is underweight will have obvious ribs with minimal fat cover, and gaining weight will help.

Raw Cut freeze-dried cat food is a RAW food product, meaning that it has not been cooked or pasteurized with heat. We recommend adding a little freeze-dried Meal cubes to your Cat’s food over a course of 5-7 days starting with very small amounts and gradually increasing the cubes each day while decreasing the amount of their old food. Alternatively, you could also choose to switch cold turkey if you Cat loves the first taste.


  • Feed on its own as a Complete Meal (follow feeding guidelines below).
  • Serve as treat/snack.
  • Sprinkle over/mix with kibble or wet food.
  • Add as a topper on raw food.
Our freeze-dried cat food offers complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. This means that our meals are suitable for kittens, adults, and the elderly. Raw freeze-dried can be beneficial to cats of all ages!

Cats are creatures of habit and even small changes to their environment or routine can be quite upsetting to them and this applies to food too. They despise it when we try to make any changes to their ongoing diet.

Despite their desire to be in charge, their lives are completely dependent on outside influences and when something changes, a Cat has no way of knowing how it will affect them in the long run. This is one of the reasons for hesitation when they are introduced to new food.

Try and maintain as much consistency as possible in your Cat's environment and routine, and when making changes to their diet, do it gradually so your Cat has time to adapt without feeling threatened or put off.

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