Fussy Dogs

My Dog is Fussy

Some dogs are difficult to please and will take some time to adjust to new raw diet. Don’t worry, your dog is not the only one. We have come across many picky ones and successfully helped their owners make the switch.

Even for those dogs who have successfully transitioned to Raw, sometimes they stop eating after few months, we noticed that specially in dogs who have been fed kibble their entire life!

We compiled a list of tips that we hope it will help your dog make the switch and boost his appetite.

  • Add bone broth to make a soupy texture. Raw Cut RC Bone Broth is a great choice!
  • Sardine in olive oil can do the trick, mix a small sardine with the food and pour some of oil to the mix.
  • Make the food slightly warm using a hot pan, fry the food using water for a maximum of 10 seconds and serve it. (Don’t over fry, this will destroy the food Enzymes).
  • Top the food with Chia seeds pudding (Super food).. Chia seeds are great source of omega 3, protein and fiber. The pudding should be thick enough to coat the food so they cannot eat around it. We recommend the following ingredients which can be bought from any Carrefour or Spinneys close by to you.

80ml goat milk, 20ml yoghurt, 30g organic chia seeds, Coconut flour to help absorb calcium

  • Add a raw egg, or organic fish oil to the food.
  • Don’t feed your dog snacks and treats between the meals, once the dog finishes the meal, reward with a treat.

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