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Beef Bone Broth For Pets

Gelatinous, Nutrient-Dense Superfood For Dogs & Cats

Made from Free Range and Grass Fed beef bones that are slowly cooked down in filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar and nothing else!

This artisanal, all natural Raw Cut Bone Broth recipe has no by-product meal, preservatives or GMO. We don’t add any extra palatability ingredients to our broth because the flavor from the bones speaks for itself, and makes it ideal for Cats, Dogs and Pets with certain dietary requirements.

Great to hydrate freeze dried foods or as a meal topper. Some key benefits

  • Collagen which stabilizes joints & prevent injuries. Improves age related joint pain. Aids digestion. Promotes hair growth, strong nails and a healthy coat.
  • Minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and sodium.
  • Glutamine a source of fuel for immune cells. Helps the rapid turnover of cells in the gut, which keeps the lining of the gut healthy. It is also an amino acid for brain health.
  • Proline which coats the hair and follicles to retain the natural oil of the hair shaft. Repairs muscles and connective tissue.
  • Glycine – Protects joints. Enables liver to detoxify and the list goes on..
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Product Size: 500ml (16.9 oz)

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