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Raw Feeding - Myths

23 Jul 2019 0 Comments


This article is for all the dog lovers, who only want the best for their pooch, yet, need a little convincing, in taking the final step towards a raw food diet. - Let's face it, nothing in nature comes out of a can!

Read on, and I will demystify five of the most common believes, why people might tell you, not to feed an all raw diet to your dog!


Most people consider the salmonella bacteria their number one concern for not changing to an all raw diet for their dogs. As far as cats and dogs are concerned, Dr Karen Becker, an integrative wellness veterinarian, advises that there is no real danger to your animals as salmonella can be found in 36 % of all healthy dogs and 18 % of all healthy cats.

As far as the salmonella concern goes for you, whenever you handle raw meat, whether it is for your or your dog’s consumption, handle the meat safely and wash your hands afterwards. To be on the safe side, also wash your hands before you handle any kind of food and before you start eating once again.

To give you piece of mind, we at Raw Cut conduct thorough Salmonella and E Coli tests on all the meat we use in our food in approved European labs before our products are released to the market. Tested!


False statement. Simply, your dog is happy, enjoying his meal and some don’t wish to share. You can’t compare kibble with juicy raw meat or a meaty bone. Your dog wants it for himself alone, ABC canine behavior.

Training your dog on good eating habits regardless of the food type he eats is essential, natural complete raw diet has none of the ingredients that cause aggression in dogs, in fact and in contrary to what people think, raw fed dogs are safer to be around children as they are less hyper active (they eat food that has no additives, no preservatives or colouring agents, fully packed with water soluble vitamins)  


The above statement could easily be from a representative of commercial dog food. The pet food industry is worldwide multibillion-dollar business. Of course, they won’t tell you that there is a better way to feed your dog!

If you’re switching your dog from a low cost dry or wet dog food brand to a raw fresh diet, then yes, cost will most likely be higher...However, raw diet may cost less than what you think specially if you compare it with so called “Premium Kibble” brands.

At Raw Cut, we provide the perfect natural diet, completely balanced and without additives, food coloring or other substances which eventually will affect the agility, health and lifespan of your dog. You will sure save on the Vet bills, make note of that.

Finally, If you want to save on the food expenses of your dog, make your raw dog food at home! There are many quality cheap cuts of meat, bones and offal that wont necessarily cost you much. To help you make a balanced meal, you can find plenty of great recipes online that you can try yourself which will provide just as much nutrition.


There are a few factors to consider when making this statement. Firstly, and while raw diet is strongly criticized from the vast majority of vets claiming its unsafe and incomplete – there are those vets who see raw food as a dietary choice. After all, vet schools are heavily sponsored by the commercial pet food industry however we are seeing ‘pro-raw’ movement among vets. Thankfully we already have increasing number of holistic veterinarians in UAE who appreciate the health benefit of raw diet and advise it to their clients…
Secondly, among vets, there might be a lack of information in conjunction with bad experiences. Too many dog lovers are feeding bones only believing of doing the right thing by their companions, just to end up with a severely malnourished dog. Particularly in puppies and young dogs, this can lead to developmental problems with the skeletal frame.

If you want to feed your dog on a balanced raw diet, but don't know quite how to, always seek advice from an expert. There are many excellent internet sites committed to the raw diet for dogs. In addition, keep yourself up to date with the latest information about the balanced raw diet for dogs.


Cooking dog food is for many people, an alternative to commercial food. Even though this a healthier option than kibble, cooking meat can alter the fats, minerals, vitamins and protein contained in the meat's raw state.

Feeding your dog an all raw diet is much simpler in its preparation. All you need to keep in mind is the right balance between muscle meat, bones, organs and vegetables/unlocked grains. This will give your companion a complete and balanced diet, which ensures that your pooch always gets the nutrition he needs.

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