Raw Cut Guide

"The most important decision you make on behalf of your dog is his diet". In this guide we compiled all the information you need to know about FEEDING natural RAW DIET including information about dogs' nutrition, health problems associated with poor diet, how to make the switch to a healthier appropriate diet, how much to feed and much more.

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Owning a puppy is a joyful experience. Just like babies or toddlers, puppies require a lot of time and attention, most importantly during the first months of their lives. At Raw Cut, we compiled this guide to help owners of young puppies. It emphasizes on the occurrence of problems, a fact when raising a puppy.

It is a lot of fun raising a puppy, we hope the information provided in this guide will put you on the right track! In case you still have doubts, or come across some issues, then seek an advice from a professional or a veterinarian.

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