Our Journey

Raw Cut produces and deliver fresh and natural raw food to people who wish to feed a complete raw diet to their dogs. Our beliefs are based on what dogs would eat in nature which have not changed from their ancestors (The Wolf). We believe our companion dogs gain the most benefit from a raw balanced diet they can digest efficiently when delivered in a fresh raw meat form mixed with offal, bones, unlocked grains and vegetables.

My name is Adeeb and I am the founder of Raw Cut. It all started when I became keen to know about what was in the dry food I was feeding my German Shepherd dog Zak and Persian cat Nunnos. Having grown up surrounded by dogs and cats my entire life, my love for pets knows no bound. Did having them make a difference in my life? Most definitely!

One thing I often hear from dog's owners is how frustrating it is when their dogs refuse to eat. Not only is this frustrating, but it also presents potential danger of poor nutrition. It wasn’t long ago that I noticed my boy Zak had become very fussy and won't finish his normal food, sometimes won't eat at all. I tried different premium dry food brands, but results weren’t great. a very stubborn dog.

I had been to the vet before many times with Zak on cases such as diarrhea, itching, but haven’t had any case of unusual appetite loss before!

Our pets are important to us, so I got inspired to research and read about dogs’ nutrition. You may have guessed at times if feeding dry food could be causing your dog problems like digestive issues, allergies, or other health ailments. You guessed right, and I’m here to tell you, there is hope for your furry friend!

I found some astonishing facts about feeding dry kibbles!

  • Meat – Heated and mixed with meals which eliminates the nutritional values
  • Additives – contain cheap fillers, coloring agents, aromas and flavor enhancers
  • Preservative – Chemical antioxidants
  • Carbohydrates – The use of unsuitable grains.

Prevention is better than cure. I began looking for alternatives to feed not only Zak, but also my Persian Nunnos. I came across various articles on the health benefits of raw feeding, the more I researched the more I got interested, finally, I decided to make the switch, and with the help of my wife, we researched recipes to prepare at home for our pets.

I know it sounds crazy, but we had this sense of urgency, we thought we had to set up a pet food company because thousands of people like us are unwittingly feeding their pets food that lacks balanced nutrition, we knew what we wanted to sell but finding the right suppliers & tools proved far more difficult than expected, We almost gave up.

Time goes on, and while I was on a business trip to Belgium, I got introduced through a friend to Philippe  Straetmans who owns and runs a natural dogs raw food kitchen factory in Brussels, Straetmans NV.

For almost half a century, the factory has been making natural raw food for dogs, it was born out of Philippe ’s father passion for dog sports, and where sport is concerned, you expect peak condition and balanced quality food. Philippe talked passionately and explained how they produce the food while keeping dog’s nature in mind, creating their very own formula gained over 50 years of experience in producing natural food for dogs, A balanced diet made of 70% to 85% of meat, offal, bones, and 15% to 30% of unlocked grains and vegetables. He was full of pride showing me pictures for some of the world champion agility/protection dogs as well as WUSV winners that are fed Straetmans food. Yes, Ronny Van den Berghe feeds Straetmans’ food to his dogs.

Philippe went further detailing the factory unique production process, how he selects the meat suppliers which must be sourced from farms in Europe and how all the food must be tested in approved labs for Salmonella, E-Coli and others before its released to the market.

I was very impressed, hit to the core and at that very moment I felt I found the right partner for our “to be” company, I came back to Dubai full of excitement and ready to take the next step.

Immediately, We presented our idea to H.H Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Foundation to support local companies (SME) which was highly commended and encouraged, and with the help and support of SME, Raw Cut was born in Nov 2018.

Working closely Straetmans now, We produce Raw Cut food in Belgium meeting both EU health and safety standards as well as Dubai Municipality requirements. Our food is made fresh and natural from human grade ingredients, striking the right balance between muscle meat and organs, between vegtables, unlocked grains and meat juice, contains NO thickeners, NO taste enhancers, NO coloring agents and is produced unheated to preserve the vitamins and enzymes avoiding saturating the fats.

Our food is then shipped in a strict temperature controlled shipping process of -18C right from the factory door to our deep freezers in Dubai.

We are proud to be bringing to UAE nearly half a century of experience in making natural food for Dogs.

Our Promise

We believe that every pet deserves to live a quality life. Therefore, we make it our goal to produce the best raw food you won’t find elsewhere. This philosophy – one that always puts the pet first – is the foundation on which Raw Cut is built.