No Food Waste, No Smelly Fridge

NO FOOD WASTE, each 1KG of our food comes in 10 x 100g burgers, defrost only the quantity that your dog needs maintaining the freshness of the food with every meal!

NO SMELLY FRIDGE, Always fresh meals. With our food, you only defrost what your dog needs per meal thanks to the 100g portions, you don’t have to defrost large meal size and then store in the fridge any leftover! You will never open your fridge and been blown away by the scent that escaped from its depths..

Did you know?
Just like human, Overeating is a problem for many dogs & cats.
Making sure your pet’s portion size stay within a healthy range doesn’t just help keep their weight right, it also reduces food waste and thus the money you spend.
Food waste also has a major impact on the environment, being more mindful and practicing portion control are great ways to reduce food waste.